After years of research and observation, Sandro noticed that most gyms don’t give their members’ nutrition habits, the needed attention.

A typical gym lets their members work out for years, but leaves them wondering as to why they don’t see any dramatic results. This can be very frustrating for anyone looking for improvements, which means a lot of people give up on exercise altogether, and go back to their old habits.

After seeing thousands of clients benefit from S.T.M.’s online nutrition and training throughout the years, Sandro has decided to include it as part of all S.T.M. fit memberships. From day one you will receive personal consideration, as you will not just be ‘another member. From the moment you sign up, you will be considered a part of the “S.T.M. fit” family.

We provide all the tools you need!

All you need to do is join us, and you will soon discover the benefits of healthy eating by developing a lean and mean body.


Every new member at S.T.M. fit will carry out a full Body Scan and personal assessment. Together we set each individual up with a goal accompanied by a time frame that this goal should be achieved by. A full reassessment will be taken every 4 weeks, in order to track progress.

Each member is then given their own Username and Password to our unique GOLD PRO NUTRITION software. Our online nutrition system has been created to make nutrition not only effective, but educational as well. Our member will be able to choose what they want to eat and when, while still losing weight if that is their goal.

Designed by dietitians and engineers, our system will blow you away.

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