Imagine good music, a social environment and a friendly, highly knowledgeable Trainer. All this, motivating you in a High Intensity Circuit Training Group Session! THAT’S what we have to offer, and that’s what you’ll get!

46 Avalon Drive - Hamilton

Richard 027 780 0170


Who We Are

S.T.M. Fit

Core Values

STM is a fitness family: We are always there for each other, providing support through the hard times and celebrating the good times. Achieving your goals, whatever they may be, is always easier when you’re surrounded by the love and support of friends and family.

The S.T.M. Fit Logo

The Owl

In many cultures owls represent wisdom and knowledge. Having this symbol as our logo is a constant reminder to keep learning, evolving and improving as mentors so that we can continue to give more back to our STM family members.

STM family members deserve more than average, and having this symbol as our logo is a constant reminder for us to keep learning and improving as mentors. Having the WISENESS symbol as a logo means being wise enough to never think we know everything, this means keeping learning and evolving in order to GIVE MORE TO OUR STM FAMILY MEMBERS .

STM isn’t just a gym, it’s more like a wellness centre. The trainers not only care about your fitness, they care about your overall health, goals and happiness. They understand everyone’s goals are different and will cater to your individual goals so you can achieve them. They challenge you to push yourself and accomplish things you never thought you could. It’s a fun, energetic, positive and judgement free zone. STM is a family.

Reneé Harrison

I’ve been part of STM Fitness for just over three months and I’ve never enjoyed fitness and gymming so much. STM offers the ideal environment to work out in – the staff are super friendly, there’s never any judgment and they have been amazingly supportive in getting me into the best shape I’ve ever been in for my upcoming wedding. I actively look forward to working out every day at STM.

Julia Crickett

Tried out their 7 days trial and I love this gym! The level of motivation is up there, and the coaches are easy to engage with. Really nice structure and layout of your workouts, surrounded with nice people. Totally recommend this place!