Imagine good music, a social environment and a friendly, highly knowledgeable Trainer. All this, motivating you in a High Intensity Circuit Training Group Session! THAT’S what we have to offer, and that’s what you’ll get!

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What is

STM Experience


Body fit program


STM FiT classes are designed to be fun and effective, lasting around 40-50 minutes.

Simply turn up and experience the difference. Not only will you have the encouragement and motivation of a fantastic trainer, you’ll also be supported by our amazing STM family.

The classes are designed so that everyone can work at their own pace. Just being there is a great starting point. Once your fitness and strength start to improve you’ll being to tap into the AFTERBURN effect, whereby your body can continue to burn fat for up to 36 hours following a class!

Feeling better about themselves, increased fitness, gaining muscle tone, and fat-loss are just four of the main reasons our members love STM.



What you eat is an important part of achieving the results you desire. As well as assisting you with a personalised nutrition approach, STM also uses TANITA body scanners (a specialised set of scales) to help track your progress.

Mind fit program


The skillset crucial to living a better life:

Being able to handle stress and sleep better are just two of the many benefits of diaphragmatic breathing.

STM has several trained professionals qualified teach you this life skill.

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Using our MOVE + EAT + BREATHE + REPEAT philosophy we help you create a sustainable routine to help you towards your goals.